My Research in the News

US News & World Report (2020). Junk Food, Booze Often Star in America’s Hit Movies.

Forbes (2019). Stanford Psychologists Entice Students to Eat More Veggies.

The New York Times (2019). Mind May Trump DNA in Exercise and Eating Habits.

NIH Research Matters (2019). Emphasizing Flavor Boosts Vegetable Consumption.

Science Magazine (2018). Just Thinking You Have Poor Endurance Genes Changes Your Body.

Forbes (2018). ‘Mind Over Matter’ May Actually Work When It Comes To Health, Study Finds.

The Atlantic (2018). What Happens When You’re Convinced You Have Bad Genes.

The New York Times (2017). Would Carrots by Any Other Name Taste as Sweet?

The Washington Post (2017). Want to Get More People to Eat Their Veggies? Make Them Sound Like They’re Bad For You.

TIME (2017). Here’s the Easiest Way to Eat More Vegetables.

Video, Radio, & Podcast

Stanford News (2020). Most Popular American Movies Depict an Unhealthy Diet.

CBS San Francisco (2020). Stanford Researchers Look at the Food Movie Characters Eat – And it’s Not Very Healthy!

ABC Radio’s Health Report (2020). Junk Food in the Movies.

NPR’s Here & Now (2019). How DNA Test Results Can Change People’s Behavior and Physiology.

CBC’s Quirks & Quarks (2019). When is Your Brain Stronger Than Your Genes? How the Mind Can Fool the Body.

CBS San Francisco (2018). How Genetic Test Results Could Be Messing with Our Heads


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