Bradley Turnwald, PhD


I am a postdoctoral research scientist at Stanford University in the Department of Psychology. I study the sociocultural forces that shape individuals’ health beliefs and use those insights to inform strategies that encourage healthy behaviors.

I explore these questions in the context of healthy eating and health risk communication. For example, why do many people believe that healthy foods are unappealing, and can we counteract such beliefs to increase healthy choices? Does receiving personalized genetic information actually motivate healthy behaviors, and what are the psychological, behavioral, and physiological consequences of learning one’s risk?

I use diverse methods to answer these questions, including analysis of naturally-occurring language (e.g,. restaurant menu language, social media), online experiments, field experiments measuring human behavior in real-world dining settings, and randomized experiments in clinical settings measuring physiological processes and blood biomarkers. Take a look at my research and publications pages to learn more about the work that my colleagues and I are doing.

My research has won awards such as the NIH Matilda White Riley Early Stage Investigator Award and the Social Personality Health Network Outstanding Research Award. My findings are published in leading peer-reviewed journals, including Nature Human Behaviour, Psychological Science, JAMA Internal Medicine, and Health Psychology, and featured in popular press outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and NPR. You can access my data sets, preregistrations, toolkits, and other resources on my Resources page.

I earned my PhD in Social Psychology from Stanford University in 2019, where I was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and a Regina Casper Stanford Graduate Fellow. Prior to that, I earned my MS in Biology from Stanford University in 2015 and my BA in Zoology from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2013, where I was a Goldwater Scholar.


Bradley P. Turnwald
450 Jane Stanford Way
Building 420, Room 384
Stanford, CA, 94305
email: turnwald/at/stanford/dot/edu

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